jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

Eviction Wave in London

Its being a long since Ive updated last time, but like el sicario says at the beginning of Libertad&Hambre

Cuando no se puede, no se puede y punto, vale?

So, here am I recopilando photos from the last interrail HVKFRLP, last stop, LONDON

With almost no cans at the end of the trip, Ive got the chance to make a big mural in a squat in Daltson Junction, so, as anyone who knows I do, I sharp my pencil and work on my kung*fu

As I said, I had not so many cans, so I collected around some latex paint, preskipped blue ink and broomsticks ducktaped. Even if the neighbours were complaining about the beautiful bricks from the 17th century, theres no way back

The day runned slow with accidents, laughs and music.
It was a crazy crazy adventure but I dont regret not even one mistake

You know I have a lot of new stuff that will kill you instantly if you get to see it right now, so I prefer to give it the slow way

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  1. Jefiiisiiimooo chorraaaaa!!! y digo yo: cuando se va a dejar caer husted por los madriles? y otra cosa..te debo 20 pavos y tú a mí un cuadro..jajajajajaja

  2. Eh iwana que soy Raúl o el (shev) te sigo por por estos sitios y no veas como has mejorado figura. Un saludo y a seguir así