lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013


The tail is long. But my time is short

About two years living out of my hometown, learning, growing and exploding
I have to pay my dues, and give the credit to Agnos, free citizens, for allowing me the space and crew to grow, thanks to everybody involved who don´t like to be named.

And also thanks to all the readers, whom, even when I was dead were keep on reading. Specially for them I present this big entry about Agnos latest and secret projects... until now. 

This is a first encounter with memories from XXX, not published yet. This following week more material will be delivered, keep yourself awake

The concept planned for this side wall was Harmony, something hard to find, and to define. But I used equilibrium and a scale to oppose male to female, strength to wisdom, luck to knowledge

Carrying the world on his shoulders, balancing the horseshoe and blindfolded by the weight

Chemtrails during...
...And after.

During the second day mostly everything was done, but there was still a lot to bear, I bet you don´t see me at first sight in this photo

Lifting gracefully the weight, holding a book, escorted by a barn owl and wearing bays, The lifesaver, faith opposed to fate, the watchtower

This wall gave definetelly a brand old look to the entrance of this neighbourhood in far west Amsterdam

Common Sense & Mutual Respect
Agnos still have something to say, but not now, maybe here.
This week I have some presents for you, don´t miss the drops

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